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Things I like about this edition

Tue 15 Dec 2020, 17:58

1) In 4e there's just 'tripod'. Just one. A tripod. You mount stuff to it. GPMG, HMG, AGLs, TOW whatever.

So for my v4 spreadsheet, I drop from 6 tripods entries to one. Kinda nice. Maybe that's too few, but six is way way too many.

For earlier editions, somehow every major ground combat vehicle can be converted to use ETOH as a fuel source, but the mechanic who pulled off that miracle couldn't get my M60 to fire from a PLT... NLT HAD to be a separate entry. Think about that.

2) One thing I've noticed so far is that having a fixed target number (6), while subject to some mods, is better for solo play and fast table play than target numbers, DCs, and their ilk. Roll, under six, NOPE, six or higher, boom, good job. It's fast and intuitive and there's no worry about Easy/Average/Difficult/etc.

3) I do like the shift from 4 hour periods, to 6 hour shifts, as it's less bookkeeping, for effectively the same feel/results (who is keeping the vehicles repaired, who is hunting, who is on watch, etc.).

4) Archetype attributes are a lot better the 2.2's 2d6-2, in my experience. No one wants to play a game with a 1 in any ATTR.

Looking forward to seeing the Beta release! ;P
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Re: Things I like about this edition

Wed 16 Dec 2020, 05:27

I am coming to like the rule system as well. Understanding it was a bit of a challenge having never played a previous FL RPG, but now that I have my head around it I find that it is easy to make adjustments to the rules within the system (for example a way to allow Ranged Combat to engage multiple targets - see the Machinegun thread).
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Re: Things I like about this edition

Wed 16 Dec 2020, 07:48

Scarcity feels very much built-in.

No more:
"how many crates of 5.56 do you want?"
- "yes"
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Re: Things I like about this edition

Wed 16 Dec 2020, 09:38

I like the idea that that can come and go. Give the players a sense of moving forward. After a few sessions of panicking about being on their last mag, have them find a truck with 5000 rounds on it. Now they don't have to think about ammo and can move on to other problems and story threads... until the ammo gets blown up or stolen, perhaps...

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