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Re: Ammo Dice...why?

Tue 23 Feb 2021, 20:42

I also like a high-threat game, but I like ammo dice. Anyone who wants to stay alive will adapt to a high-threat environment will be by avoiding contact, especially if the enemy is better supplied.

If you rejig the ammo dice rule then you're changing the rules for all combatants. An enemy who is well supplied and unconcerned with ammunition is now operating under tweaked game rules designed to favor conserving ammo, when in the real world the winning factor in most small unit engagements will be volume of fire. And this brings up an assumption we see throughout this thread: that experienced troops use less ammunition, while inexperienced troops shoot wildly. This isn't so: experienced troops know that volume of fire wins, and they will dump fire onto the enemy while moving into position to finish the job the old fashioned way, with high explosives.

I can't tell you how to enjoy your game, but from the standpoint of making a sensible combat system, high ammo consumption wins fights.
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Re: Ammo Dice...why?

Wed 24 Feb 2021, 02:39

I guess my question is about how people would be able to maintain high fire rates for long. Your not going to be getting a lot of resupply and I don’t know how common the gear to reload your own ammo in Poland. I guess the assumption is there’s ton of ammo available and the players will always be able to loot salvage trade and find ammo easily.
I picture a environment where having 2 clips of ammo is a big deal. And it wouldn’t be unusual that hostiles outside of certain warlords forces and fortified towns wouldn’t have more than a clip on them. A very resource poor world. Where most of the supply depots and munition plants are either glowing radioactive heaps or have been bombed flat. Sure the most bullets down range when a fight. But again there is no resupply so the next fight your gonna be using your trusty Kbar.

Either way I just picture a different world. So I’ll quit contributing in this thread.
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Re: Ammo Dice...why?

Wed 24 Feb 2021, 04:40

Whatever version of the world you want to imagine is fine, as long as it's consistent. I think it's easy enough to justify almost any of it, as far as low-tech stuff like bullets go, especially locally.

However, there is still the question of how does any modification handle suppression? How does it render machineguns and area of effect weapons? What happens when your cautious and precise players run into a machinegun nest, and the guy operating it is has every intention of using every last bullet, if he thinks it will get him to tomorrow? (I'd argue every player should think like this, too, with rare exception. But the rules need to support it. Right now, they sorta do.)

It's very easy to dial these levers up and down as you play to tweak the experience. Is everyone sick of ammo scarcity? Have them find a cache, or get the drop on opponents that have more than usual. Is ammo starting to get too rampant? Have the opposition absolutely hose out bullets at all times. But do it smartly. Does it say something useful when the PCs discover the local border guard unit has no spare ammo at all? But the marauders just over the river seem to be fully stocked? It sure does to me!

Anyway, we already know that the ammo rules as we have them are almost certainly not the final rules. So it's all subject to change.

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