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Selling items

Mon 08 Feb 2021, 09:51

One of my players asked if it’s possible to sell items to gain temporary money. This also followed up with a question regarding trading away starting equipment after mysteries.

Are you “stuck” with starting gear or is it somehow changeable?
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Re: Selling items

Mon 08 Feb 2021, 10:23

The idea is that your starting equipment represent who you are, part of your profession/background. To that you can "save" one extra item that you have acquired during a mystery. A lot of the various upgrades in Castle Gyllencreutz will affect how the group deal/have access to equipment. It is done this way to represent that your character have a life between the mysteries. If starting to allow players to sell items or to have more than one extra item (besides your personal items), will break this system and will make some talents and building upgrades fairly useless (and can also lead to some power gaming exploits).
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