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Custom vaesen: The Sea Draug

Fri 01 Jan 2021, 21:59

I have always found the Norwegian ocean Draug to be one of the scariest monsters out there. He is so hateful and angry, and he never forgets you, and never lets go if he first gets hold of you. Unlike the flying dutchman he’s usually alone, and his grudge is more personal.

I also think a poor and smelly fishing village makes a nice contrast to the academic and urban archetype characters of the game. You could also do a scene on a ship, with scary birds and weird weather. I imagine fishermen believe that it’s bad luck to talk about the Draug, and there are also tales of village witches trying to use the Draug for their own purposes.

This Vaesen is made with bits and pieces from Wikipedia and Deviantart, though I forgot to take note of the sources.

Swedish and English. ... p=drivesdk
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Re: Custom vaesen: The Sea Draug

Sat 02 Jan 2021, 13:26

I like sea monsters, they are very scary. Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Custom vaesen: The Sea Draug

Sat 02 Jan 2021, 22:41

Good work!
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Re: Custom vaesen: The Sea Draug

Thu 07 Jan 2021, 13:41

Cool, the Draug is one of the creatures I missed from the core book, but it might be quite Norwegian in nature.

I'm not sure if you were looking for some constructive criticism, but I would have defined the magical powers into Enchantments and Curses per the rules. Enchantments only affects NPCs though.
I think a creature such as the Draug deserves more than 5 conditions, and the attribute modifiers range from -2 to +2 (a few examples of +/- 3). I think having -4 and -5 is too much.
I think I would also possibly increase the magic score, since it has several Curses that can affect PCs (Lure f.ex).

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