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Thu 16 Jul 2020, 17:23

They talk about them very loosely if compared to The Forbidden Lands here for example but at the same time they are set in stone with numbers and stuff if you are using for example explosives.

Are you guys using hexagon zones or squares or just completely draw them out by hand?
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Re: Zones

Thu 16 Jul 2020, 19:39

I tend to treat these things very loosely anyway. I tend to think of zones as rooms. If we’re in the same room, same zone. If it’s a large chamber, probably divide it into two zones or more. Then I imagine the same sort of “rooms” outside but like to use differing terrain where possible. So if a group are on a road cutting through a forest then the road in a few meters in either direction is one zone. The immediate forest on either side are also zones. Something far away into the forest maybe two or three zones from the road. Only very rarely would I draw these things at all. I’m almost entirely theater of the mind.
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Re: Zones

Fri 17 Jul 2020, 07:22

Zones are a concept, not clear defined lines. Rooms are a good point to find zones, but a second level reachable via ladder could be another one in the same room. Hindresses like a moat, a hedge or a fence could be good indicators for another zone. A podium, overturned shelf, a big pile of junk or the room before and after the tavern counter could be new zones within one room.

It all matters, if they forfill cinematic or strategic purposes in the scene. If you build up a fencing duel up the stairs of a tower every few steps could be zone or every storey or the whole stair is one zone. It depends where you wanna end: If you want the fight to swing up and down: many zones - if you want the final confrontation on the roof overviewing Upsala, while the sun bathes the city in blood-red light....: just one or few zones.

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