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Zones in combat

Wed 24 Feb 2021, 00:22

I am about to start running and my group has been playing 5e. So this is a new system for them but everyone is really excited. I have read the book and am trying to get a grip on zones for combat. Do zones apply individually to each participant in combat? That's how it looks to me. So any suggestions on actual distance between zones? I don't see anywhere in the book that explains that Zone 0 is engaged in direct combat, say from toe to toe to 5 or 10 feet. Zone 1 is from the 5 to 10 feet to 25? Zone 2 is from 25 to 50, and Zone 3 is 50 to 100? Any thoughts, ideas, or explanations are appreciated. I know my group will want to know distances that they can move or shoot and I would like to have an idea for when it come up.


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Re: Zones in combat

Thu 25 Feb 2021, 21:13

I haven't played Vaesen yet, but I really like the rulebook and I plan on beginning a campaign. Combat zones, however, indeed don't seem to be that well-defined. It says that in a zone you only need a few steps to meet someone in melee combat, which to me suggest between 0 and maybe 15 feet. It's not clear if this is from one edge of a zone to the opposing edge. If so, that would make "3 zones away" no more than 45 feet away, which seems rather underwhelming when you're firing rifles or crossbows. Also, using the zones system as-is would mean that people standing right next to each other, with the border between two zones between them, would strictly not be able to engage each other in melee without moving.

Fortunately, the game system is optimized against micro-managing things, and actively encourages house-ruling and "filling in the blanks" as you see fit (which is part of the reason why I like it), so that is what I will do in terms of ranged combat. I'm just going to guestimate and encourage the players to constructively "protest" if they feel I'm off the mark.
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Re: Zones in combat

Tue 08 Jun 2021, 22:11

I found the zones really cumbersome, and use "Close" "Short" and "Long" ranges as a relationship between all involved entities. We use TOTM for this.
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Re: Zones in combat

Wed 09 Jun 2021, 09:32

Given that 10 to 25 meter sized zones are big enough for most rooms, it's not a hard thing to use.

I like zones well enough- they're just big grids, and I've used 25m grids before... in Traveller. (Specifically little black book traveller).

Rougher terrain? Use a smaller grid.

Significant cover? Creates a split in the grid.
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