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Castle Gyllencreutz Upgrades tree

Fri 11 Dec 2020, 22:27

I've done a Castle Gyllencreutz upgrades tree for my players to enable them to chose upgrades easly.

I though to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it.

Follow the link to download it. ... p=drivesdk
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Re: Castle Gyllencreutz Upgrades tree

Wed 16 Dec 2020, 18:06

This looks great! Thank you for sharing.

I noticed a typo on my first read-through... "Shooting Range" needs the second "o".
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Re: Castle Gyllencreutz Upgrades tree

Sun 17 Jan 2021, 06:00

Beautiful. I just tried to make one for MYZ. This is great.
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Re: Castle Gyllencreutz Upgrades tree

Sun 24 Jan 2021, 12:09

It didn't feel that complex when I was reading the book. Now put in Visio it is hell of a job to upgrade it :)

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