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Occultist = Ninja?

Mon 12 Oct 2020, 20:10

So, one of my players is creating an Occultist character. The player asked if he was supposed to be a ninja, since the archetype's main attribute and skill are Precision and Stealth. Is this right, or maybe an errata? I find it strange that the main attribute and skill are not something like Logic/Learning for an occult-savvy guy, or maybe Empathy/Manipulation if you prefer more of a charlatan type. What do you think?
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Re: Occultist = Ninja?

Mon 12 Oct 2020, 20:36

She manipulates her targets with tricks so they believe what they see and what she say. In order to do that she needs to be good in Stealth, a skill used for all sorts of stealthy things like tricks and with her conjuring tricks talent she can use it to make targets believe all sorts of bogus bs . She has sham as a trade, logic/learning has nothing to do with that.
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Re: Occultist = Ninja?

Wed 14 Oct 2020, 08:34

If you like, Occultist=Illusionist who likes to spook people.
If your player wants to have "real" powers, there are Talents for that. :)

I created a GMPC of a Medium, I used the Academics archetype instead of Occultist, and 1st Talent she could get from other archetypes, she took Medium. I think it could work well with a Writer archetype as well.

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