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Fonts used

Posted: Thu 16 Jul 2020, 15:00
by Kevlin
Loved both the content and the subtle layout.
As a design lover I would love to know what fonts that you used for the book so that when I make my own adventures it will have that same good feeling.

Re: Fonts used

Posted: Fri 17 Jul 2020, 07:03
by Deep_Impact
I used:
  • "IM FELL Great Primer PRO" for the headlines.
  • "Informal Roman" for the introduction
  • "Times New Roman" for the paragraphs.
  • "Arial" for the boxes
That arenĀ“t the original fonts, but just look in the PDF (CRTL-D / fonts):
fonts.jpg (78.02 KiB) Viewed 572 times