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Special edition, worth the risk?

Thu 13 Feb 2020, 23:41

Question for those who have previously pledged for limited edition Fria Ligan core rulebooks: Were you satisfied? Cause I notice that they seem to have printing mistakes that would only be subsequently fixed in reprints.
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Re: Special edition, worth the risk?

Fri 14 Feb 2020, 09:48

Every game publisher has errata in their books, and every one eventually fixes them in reprints.

Granted, the only Fria Ligan hard copy I own is Mutant: Year Zero, and that's third printing, but the list of changes since first printing amounts to a few paragraphs of rules clarifications and patches in a 260+ page game. And it's their first and oldest.

The Vaesen Alpha rules have numerous comments on them already, most of which will likely be addressed in the Beta version.  Fria Ligan will probably accept comments and corrections on the Beta version for a couple of months before they lock the final version and print it.  Will the first printing, including the Special Edition, have errors? I'd be surprised if it didn't. Most of them will be typos and awkward English. (Or Swedish?) A handful might affect the rules.  Will they be bad enough that you'd have to toss the whole book? Unlikely. (Fria Ligan 2020 isn't Mongoose Publishing mid 2000s.)

When the errata matter, many of us print them out and keep them with the hard cover book. It'll still be a good looking book with mostly correct text ... and one or two loose (Letter or A5) sheets.
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Re: Special edition, worth the risk?

Fri 14 Feb 2020, 13:10

I have many first prints from FL and only one was not satisfying. I ordered the Deluxe Edition without any doubt it will be worth, even if not 100% flawless waranted.

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