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Coriolis Community Content

Mon 04 Nov 2019, 18:49


I just have a quick question on the upcoming Community Content Program.

I'm thinking of creating adventure/scenario content for Coriolis in the future, and I was wondering if we would be able to do so. I may be wrong, but I heard from somewhere that the Coriolis IP isn't owned by Fria Ligan, and we would be limited to what we can create.

Any mods or rep from Fria Ligan to confirm this? I hope to be wrong as I really love the setting and game.
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Re: Coriolis Community Content

Mon 04 Nov 2019, 23:02

I know that a template for Coriolis content is on the way, so I assume FL have agreed some sort of deal with the IP owners
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Re: Coriolis Community Content

Tue 05 Nov 2019, 16:47

Yes, that will be just fine. :)
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