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More than Four Attributes Hack?

Sun 09 Aug 2020, 15:53

Hello, recently I've been interested in doing a few hacks to change the OGL for a home-brew game I've been throwing around in my head and I considered changing the number of attributes you have, but quickly realised that the amount of attribute points you can spend would have to be changed, especially when accounting for systems where you can have different ages for your PCs (e.g. Mutant: Hindenburg, Forbidden Lands and Vaesen).
Per the standard 4 attributes, young characters get 15 points, middle-aged get 14 and old get 13. If I were to increase the number of attributes to five, or even six, how many more attribute points should I give each age group? Thanks in advance!
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Re: More than Four Attributes Hack?

Sun 09 Aug 2020, 18:22

3 extra points per new ability.

With the current setup you can have 3 in all abilities, with 1 to 3 addtional points to spread out as you see fit. I would keep that general setup.
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