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USING OGL IN PRODUCT - Text restrictions

Mon 03 Aug 2020, 09:34

Hello, I´m about to start a new journey to create my first RPG using FL YZE OGL licence. I read all the document but had doubts about how to use the text in my product... The question is kind silly, but I will release my game in another language (brazilian portuguese) and I want to know this:

1 - The original OGL text when explain concepts (not rules) must be as it is, word by word, or can be adapted to explain the same concpet naming my game etc?
Example 1: DICE
As a character in a Year Zero Engine game, you will have to take risks. Sooner or later, you will end up in situations where the outcome is uncertain, no matter how skilled you are. It’s time to break out the dice. Regular six-sided dice (also called D6) are required to play Year Zero Engine, preferably 10-15 in three different colors.
Certain rules variations (see the Skills chapter) can use more types of dice, including D8, D10 and D12. This part can be changed as "In my game, we will use other type of dice, including (...)

Example 2: SKILLS
Your skills are the knowledge and abilities you have acquired during your life. They are important, as they determine, along with your attributes, how effectively you can perform certain actions in the game. There are twelve basic skills, and they are all described in detail in the Skills chapter.
Some Year Zero Engine games have different or additional skills. this last phrase can be changed to "In my game, we will use a total of 16 skills to capture the essence of the settings.

2 - There is any restriction to use the panic mechanic, pushing rules and the alien behavior table from Alien RPG with slight changes to reflect my game settings and special monsters on it? I ask this because in grey boxes had many sugestions about using some of these rules... as you can read here:

Here are some examples of different push effects: Each time you push, you get a Stress Die. Stress Dice are added to any skill roll you make, but if you roll a bane on a Stress Die, a panic roll is triggered. This version, optimized for high-tension play, is used in the ALIEN roleplaying game. Each time you push, you get a named Condition. Each Condition gives you a -1 modification to all skill rolls, but it’s also a cue for roleplaying. This version, great for rules-light narrative games, is used in Tales from the Loop. Each time you push, the GM gets a point of narrative plot points that she can use to introduce new threats and obstacles to the game. This version is used to simulate the Dark Between the Stars in Coriolis.

Thanks in advance,
Alesssandro Franzen
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Re: USING OGL IN PRODUCT - Text restrictions

Mon 03 Aug 2020, 15:17

From my dealings with Free League it has been clearly explained that you can use mechanics from other games systems but cannot use the exact text to describe the effects in play.

However the effects are spelled out in the SRD, which can be used verbatim in any new YZE game, as per the OGL.

I would either add a comment to the SRD to get this clarified or send Free League an e-mail asking for guidance on this if they don't respond to this post.
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Re: USING OGL IN PRODUCT - Text restrictions

Tue 04 Aug 2020, 00:26

Thanks a lot, Lupex! This will really help new gamedesigners trying the YZ OGL as their base ruleset. Like I said, I want to publish my game setting with YZ OGL that win a competition in one of the events of GEN CON in portuguese and need to twist and create new modular rules to work with my underwater steampunk world. The panic rule is perfect to emulate the growing tension to live in a deep ocean death trap. Had many ideas to use with YZ OGL.

Thanks twice for your help.
All my best regards,

Alessandro Franzen

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