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Throne of Thorns

Posted: Sat 26 Dec 2020, 16:03
by cefriberg
What year and season should the various Chronicles be set in? I am planning the campaign, and without reading through everything I would like to get an idea of how much space for homebrew in between the episodes I can put in. So what are the written places in the timeline? And what is more flexible?

Re: Throne of Thorns

Posted: Tue 05 Jan 2021, 18:23
by Bifur.
I think, which would be the intention of the creators, that it doesn't matter. There is a date referenced in Wrath of Warden, The Darkest Star is set at the beginning of winter and Mother of Darkness takes of at the start of spring.

I think the only dramatically important point in time is when the expeditions start out in Mother of Darkness since it expalins way they arrive around the same time (as the depts of Davokar can't be traversed during winter).