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Historical Influence of the Barbarian Clans

Wed 27 Jan 2021, 13:44

I'm unsure whether this post should be in the "GM Only" sub-forum or not. If it should, I apologize. I don't think this post would be too scandalous for this sub-forum if it should not be here.

In any case, I am currently reading through the Symbaroum Core Rulebook for the first time, and was wondering about the historical influences (if there are any) of the barbarian clans. Specifically, I'm wondering as to whether they were inspired by the Estonian Counties during the Baltic Crusades, as there are some close parallels - the first one being that there were also originally fourteen Counties in pagan or "ancient" Estonia. Another being that the phonology and phonotactics of the names of the barbarians are fairly similar to the Finnic language's phonologies and phonotactics - not many consonant clusters, CV structure, long phonemes, etc. Also, I find the barbarian clan of "Saar-Kahn" to be similar to that of the island sea-faring Viking-esque warriors of Saaremaa who were the most vicious of the Estonian counties and rebelled and reverted to pagan ways way into the establishment of the Terra Mariana. Even the name is similar! (Saar-Kahn and Saaremaa).

Also, the Medieval theming of the Ambrians with their Church of Prios wishing to convert the barbarians is heavily reminiscent to the overall history of the Baltic Crusades. Even the way the different colonies fight against each other is similar and how the Ambrians use that to their advantage is similar to the politics Baltic Crusades (not in Estonia though - the counties there [to my knowledge] teamed up with each other to fight the threat of the Baltic crusaders.).

Anyway, I hope someone has some any information concerning this topic and can chime in!
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Re: Historical Influence of the Barbarian Clans

Wed 27 Jan 2021, 14:20

I didn't know of any possible specific influence, but yours sounds very interesting and appropriate.

Would be nice if Mattias would chime in and share some of his influences when designing the core of the setting!

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