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Custom made loot deck

Wed 09 Dec 2020, 23:04

Thought people might be interest in my loot deck I built for Symbaroum.

I’m going to make it where when I ask the player to draw from the loot deck, to make it happen at most 1-3x per session.

From when they want to look in the giant ceramic pots in an abandoned barbarian hut, to exploring a cave full of bandits trying to rescue someone and found a chest exploring.

The items included were designed to be way less rewarding then looting a body for example like the loot charts in the monster codex, but still have really small chance to find something highly valuable.

Cards can be ranged from
• 1x 50 ft of rope
• 1x whistle & 1d4 ortegs
• a waybread
• exceptional paintings worth 1d6 shillings

to more rare items which will have a color rarity on the card like:
• wooden mask (+1 to vigilant) & 1d6 shillings
• a masterwork weapon with deep impact & precise

Then ultimately • 2x legendary orange rarity artifact cards in the 144 card pile that when drawn don’t get shuffled back in to the deck when found.

Of course players will also have to tell me where they are looking around and pass vigilant checks to be asked to drawn from the deck.

I just wanted to separate “plot loot” that’s curated by me and “world loot” that’s randomly generated that the players know I didn’t provide for them. I wanted one more element of excitement of the idea of searching a drawer in a cellar of an Ambrian lord and being asked to draw from the loot deck and seeing that purple colored chest on the card knowing I got something good.

Color rarity’s include: black (common), green (uncommon), purple (rare), orange (legendary)

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