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Ranged Attacks

Thu 19 Nov 2020, 17:50

In the Core Rulebook, pg. 162, a list of situations that provide 'advantage' (+2 to hit, +1d4 dmg) are listed, including "All attacks against enemies standing on lower ground than the attacker, such as attacking down from a wall against enemies climbing a ladder. This applies to both melee and ranged attacks." Then, in the Advanced Player's Guide, pg. 99, it lists range modifiers. Under 10m, it seems to grant +2 to hit and +1d4 dmg, but does not reference advantage. Is the intention that these can stack? I.e.; a character attacking from an elevated position and within 10m would gain +4 to hit and +2d4 dmg? If so, this seems sort of broken. If not, it is not very well written. How has this issue been ruled by people? Cheers!
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Re: Ranged Attacks

Fri 20 Nov 2020, 16:08

I would believe that they do. I do not have an official answer of course, but I would rule it as such in my game. This said, a soldier climbing a ladder and putting a shield over his head would also get a strong cover modifier. But that's me.

I agree that +4 and +2d4 damage is brutal. So you could also rule that Advantage never stacks, and that the bonuses for a range of 10m or less are effectively Advantage, which they absolutely seem to be.

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