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Cronological order of adventures

Fri 07 Aug 2020, 16:35

What is the optimal cronological order to run the various modules and adventure packs, with regard to the timeline in the Throne of Thorns chronicle?
So far we have played "The promised land" and will continue with "The mark of the beast". Before "Tomb of Dying dreams" I would like to play some other adventures (some of them as flashbacks between promised land and the mark). Which of the adventure packs can be fittet in there?

Which order should ToT part 1-4 and Advenventure packs 1-4 be played in (chronological)?

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Re: Cronological order of adventures

Fri 07 Aug 2020, 22:55

All Adventure packs and Throne of Thorns campaign books have been released in a chronological order also "campaign-wise". That is, you can play the third installment (Yndaros) alongside the Adventure pack 3, for example. The political movements that take place in grand scale in the ToT campaign are motives that set things in motion in the smaler Adventure pack's adventures.

That said, some adventures from the Adventure packs can easily be adapted to any moment in the story of Ambria: there have always been fanatical templars, or anti-ambrian barbarians, or whatever. It is not necessary for the Templars to split from the Church to justify the appearance of Sun Knights calling for justice in the name of Prios somewhere.

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