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The World's Largest Symbaroum Campaign

Sat 30 Nov 2019, 23:26

I am Caligula, world renown Game Master. Here I will publish challenges and solutions during my campaign in Symbaroum. It is the world's largest campaign with thousands of readers. I post the chronicles here: https://symbaroumtotalrecap.obsidianpor ... enture-log

This thread will be the workshop for my campaign and I will share with you my decision making process during the epic campaign of 7 adventure moduls, "The Throne of Thorns".

You are welcome to ask questions and make comments. I warn that spoilers from the campaign will be in this thread so please be ware of that.

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Re: The World's Largest Symbaroum Campaign

Tue 03 Dec 2019, 19:22

I like how you made the intro page, will definitely spend more time on your content as I will GM ToT soon. Do you have those games streamed or somehow accessible on demand?
PS: World's most famous, world renown, largest campaign, thousand of readers? Where you got those metrics from, to what you compare? :)

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