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Retribution clarification

Thu 08 Nov 2018, 00:11

So iv got a dwarf player with adept level retribution and want to confirm it works how I think it works as it seems fairly open to abuse.

So when he suffers damage I can see 1 of 2 ways of it happening

1) The enemy he is linked to takes the exact damage he took ignoring armour
2) The enemy he is linked to takes the same hit but its as if it was hit by the same blow so it suffers the full damage dealt but minus armour

I have been running it as option 1 as that makes the most sense to me but want to check as it seems really easy to abuse to get around high armour targets and basically makes killing the dwarf impossible if you have lower toughness than him if he establishes the link
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Re: Retribution clarification

Fri 16 Nov 2018, 23:33

I recommend you refer to the Quick Guide to Combat on page 163 in the Core Book (or included within the folds of the Symbaroum screen). Check Section 4: Damage, in the right column.
  • A. Weapon Damage: Roll for players, announce set value for enemy.
  • B. Protection from Armor: Subtract Armor from weapon damage.
  • C. Actual Damage: Target suffers damage that remains.
  • D. Pain Threshold: Determine additional impact based on Pain Threshold.
Retribution says:
The death link means that damage suffered by the character is also inflicted upon the bound enemy.
Therefore, I think it should be (1) - the enemy suffers sustains the wound inflicted on the character after deducting the character's Armor value/roll.

After checking the details to answer your question, I have a fresh question myself - how does Robust interact with this Mystical Ability. Robust reduces damage in addition to armor worn, so - does it count just once or twice, if both characters involved have the Trait? If a Troll Singer, for example, cast the binding of Retribution on another Troll, would the damage suffered by the caster = [Weapon Damage - Armor] - Robust soak and the bound enemy then suffer [[Weapon Damage - Armor] - caster Robust soak] - target Robust soak??

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Re: Retribution clarification

Tue 27 Nov 2018, 01:15

With option 1 I think it ignores the targets robust as with option 1 its simply transferring the same amount of damage rather than "dealing" damage

Its this thing that somewhat worries me as it could get really extremely powerful for bypassing enemy defences especially when the character in question has a lot of toughness(My dwarf player has 21)

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