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Repairing Stuff

Sat 10 Jul 2021, 05:46

So, when gearhead repairs a durable scrap rifle, can the extra successes be used as stunts?

In game we had a durable scrap rifle with an extra barrel break. Then, when gearhead went to repair it, they got four successes.

So, the durable scrap rifle with two barrels was fixed (one of the four successes), a third barrel added (second of the four successes), an extra gear bonus (third success), and an extra damage (fourth success). . . . is that supposed to be what happens? Repairing an item can be an opportunity to greatly improve it if the roll is good enough?
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Re: Repairing Stuff

Sat 10 Jul 2021, 09:27

You can only add stunts to an item when it is created, otherwise you could in the long run add infinite number of stunts to an item over time.
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