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Adding Threats to the Ark

Sun 20 Jun 2021, 23:28

I'm in the process of spinning up a Path to Eden campaign. I'm interested in hearing how other GMs have incorporated the Threats to the Ark (Chpt 10 in the core rules).

It is clear that as the GM I can manage it how I wish. For RAW though, let's say I introduce a new threat towards the beginning of each of my ~3 hour sessions. I don't expect any Threat would be fully resolved in a single session. So it seems that after a number of sessions, we would have a number o Threat threads running while the PCs are doing whatever they wish to do whether it is pursue stories on the existing Threats or something of their own initiative.

So I guess what I am really asking is are you, as a campaign GM, just rolling out your Threats a bit at a time and letting them pile up so to speak, or are you doing it more sequentially? Roll out a Threat. Resolve it. Roll out another Threat. Rinse and repeat.

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Re: Adding Threats to the Ark

Wed 23 Jun 2021, 01:05

I haven't really used the threats at all with my current group, but that's mostly because they've been very goal oriented and followed "the story" so to speak. That is I've had no reason to really introduce threats because my group have succeeded in causing threats themselves.

For earlier groups I didn't introduce another threat until they had finished which ever they were currently working on. Unless they ignored it, at which point I'd introduce a new threat.
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Re: Adding Threats to the Ark

Wed 23 Jun 2021, 15:11

Late answer but it might come in handy for other GMs.
The first time I ran the game I found this difficult, also had short sessions 2-3 hours, so a new threat every time didn´t work, as OP said they never had time to resolve any threat before the next one.
Now that I´m running the campaign for the second time I tend to throw in a threat every 2-3 sessions, depends also on how much time that has passed in game. If one session i mostly an epic battle with the ghouls in the shoppingcenter, then I don´t introduce any new threat, if one week pass with the players running more Ark-game then I toss a new threat at them to keep the feeling of urgency up.
I don´t randomize the threats either, I pick one that gives a new interesting story.

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