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[Homebrew] MYZ Frostpunk setting

Wed 09 Jun 2021, 03:33

Hello everyone. With all the renewed interest in Frostpunk, because of the epic stores free giveaway, it suddenly hit me, how awesome a Frostpunk hack would be for MYZ!

All the pieces are there, we just need to tweek the system a bit and add a few more nuts and bolts. This here is just a first draft, so please comment, critizise or add your own ideas.

So, the frostpunk ark has Food, Tech, Culture, Warfare and the two new development levels Heat and Medicin. Every session, besides the body count from lack of food, 2d6 Mutants will fall ill if your heat is below 10, 1d6 at heat 11-20, and then 1d6-1 and 1d6-2 at heat 21-30 and 31-40 (in my game I allowed one stat to be developed to the 31-40 range). On the same note, if your medical level is 11-20, 1d6 ill mutants will recover, 21-30 2d6 will recover and 31-40 3d6 will recover. On medical 0-9 1d6 ill mutants will die, and each time you roll a 1 on the recovery roll, one mutant will die regardless of your medical level. Ill mutants don't count when checking how many project rolls you can make, or they might count only 1/2, I haven't decided yet.

I'm not sure how to simulate the coal consumption and different heat levels. I guess coals (or burnable scrap) would have to be a new ressource and we would have to micromanage a little bit the placing of the different ark projects. You need one unit of coals per heat development level of your ark per gaming session to power the reactor.

The 1st heat zone has place for 4 arc projects, 2nd heat zone for 10, 3rd has unlimited space. A new "virtual" project are housings. 50 people can live per free housing unit and won't suffer any detriment in the first heat zone. If you need to accommodate people in the farther heat zones, thread the overall people who fall ill, as if the heat development was one level lower (so 2d6 will fall ill, if they are in the second zone, even if your heat level is 11-20). Same with food production, ie if you place crops in the second ring) zone, your casualties will raise one level. I don't want to make housings a full blown project, as mutants will find a few boards and build a shack, but the idea here is that you have to juggle living quarters, food production and medical facilities, and if you want to increase the generator outout, or insinuate more individual units.

For every 50 healthy people in the ark, you can make one project roll at the start of the session. There is are a few new ark projects, ie better heat output (players x3, increases the livable radius to the second zone, but also increases coal consumption to x2) and advanced heating (players x4, livable conditions in the third zone, but use up coals x3). This increase in on top of your heat level, so if you have heat developed to 22 and the better heat output, you will use up 3x2/6 coals per session. At the start of a session your players can switch the additional systems on or off, in order to save coals.

Faster in development are insulation for housing or food producing projects (different projects, but each is a players x1 project). An insulated house or crop can be set one zone further without detrimental effects.

There is also the repeatable generator repair project, which doesn't use up any placement space (players x2) which will increase the heat development level by +1d6 and the repeatable medical station (players x2) which increases medical by +2d6, but which must be placed in a warm sector, to be effective.

You can switch two projects place or replace one project on a free place, this doesn't require a roll, but will take up the work power of 50 mutants.

I am toying with the idea of the players rolling "Know the zone" at the start of the session, to make a weather forcast for this game session. The weather can be normal, warm (+1 heat development) or frigid (decrease the livable heat zones by one). This forcast would be important to determine if the players should save some burnable scrab, by decreasing the generators output, or of they burm away at full capacity.

I called the fuel coals all the time, because that's what they use in the Frostpunk game, but I think it would be better to call this "burnable scrap", and a stalker can collect 1d6 burnable scrap, when they explore a zone. Non stalker characters can also use 4h to explore a zone and come back with a single unit of burnable scrap.

So, that's it for now. Seems workable for me, but I involves a lot more micromanagement then before. But if you break it down, its actually rather easy to grasp. Non of this is playtested, btw. So, now I'm eager to see what you peeps think of this.

Happy gaming, everyone.

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