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[MYZ Core Rulebook] p.156 Sector Environment

Thu 20 May 2021, 19:48

Revised: 5/20/21
Note #1: Environmental Map for “The Big Smoke” added, roughly 200 years after the last conventional and NBC weapons were used. I tried to make the terrains work well with each other (using a Google Satellite image of London, to locate forest, mountains, hills, plains, wetlands…), and make the map interesting to explore (and for each settlement/faction to respond differently to living in each environmental type). I left out Glassified Fields (I couldn’t find any visual images I liked), Unscathed Ruins (didn’t fit well with the others), and Derelict Industries (which is more of a zone type then an environmental type).
Note #2: I am unable to get the images small enough to add as an attachment, for those of you with Facebook access, the images are on this post.
North: Dominated by crumbling ruins, with a small, polluted swampland and huge impact crater to the North West, and some scrublands to the North East.
Central: The River Thames cuts across the Zone with overgrown ruins in the center, swamps, marshlands, and scrublands to the South West, and a large section of overgrown ruins to the South East (the river was temporarily diverted in this direction causing the plant life to grow, before resuming its normal course).
South: Dominated by a large area of decayed ruins (heavy acid rains), with more wet areas to the West, and an abundance of life to the East.
East: Abundant thick forest has reclaimed the Western side of the Zone, north of the river.
West: The area of the Zone with the most extensive damaged cause by an airburst nuclear weapon east of London (it missed), leaving an ash desert underneath the epicenter of the explosion, while massive amounts of radiation and acid rains created the deadwoods to the North East – East, and left decayed ruins to the South East. Centuries after the explosion this section of the zone has not begun to heal.
Q#1: Do any of the four Mutant Core Rulebooks describe in detail what exactly each of these sector environments is like, with example of the terrain, hydrology, fauna, flora, weather, resources, and/or visual images of what a sample of that environment looks like?
Thick Woods
Dead Woods
Ash Desert
Huge Crater
Glassified Field (I couldn't find anything.)
Overgrown Ruins
Crumbling Ruins
Decayed Ruins
Unscathed Ruins
Derelict Industries
Q#2: Has anyone created a gallery or albums of the above environments they can share?
Q#3: Has anyone applied the sector environment listed above and overlaid them over The Big Smoke Map, in a way that is visually easy to understand (better colors, showing the different areas more clearly, lining the landmarks with a Google Map of London…)?
Q#4: (see image) Do the following rot levels seem reasonable based on the likelihood of being a military target during the “Last War” and given 200 years for the earth to start healing?

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