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[MYZ Core Rulebook] Questions #11-20

Thu 20 May 2021, 18:10

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Re: [MYZ Core Rulebook] Questions #11-20

Fri 21 May 2021, 21:27

11. The gray death is the latest compendium in the timeline before Hindenburg.
It is set at a point in time where MYZ has introduced all the races.

it bares to mention that MYZ is very...individual...there are A TON of zone compendium books, and even though they are all official canon, so to speak, MYZ is intended for a sort of "Pick and choose" play.

wanna play with no compendiums and only by your own design, boom then thats your crews cannon.
wanna follow closley to the big canon of the overal MYZ universe, than the compendiums are fantastic supplements to play witch will be referenced in future games, later down the timeline

it is very adjustable.

Q#12: i honestly cant say, I know Hindenburg uses a "Reputation "system, and every expansion has thier own contained within that adventure, but I would say, keep track of that stuff as your DM!.

Hindenburg is simple though, every reputation point = 1T6, unless i am not misstaken.

So lets say your folks are out and about in the zone, they meet a new crew, or ark, if they have had no interactions before i would say your PCs reputation would be ...hmm..random number . lets say they have 3.
Roll 3t6, if any of them are a 6, then the zone dwellers know off some of your peoples actions, good or bad are up to you, and to how much detail as well.
the further away this group of people are from the ark, then start applying minuses to the rep roll.
something like that :3

anything beyond that regarding factions and thier standing, All i can say personally i try to keep track of that myself as a DM, sense i have created all factions, I know what actions would piss off/ impress said factions in the zone/ARK.
I try to keep it simple.

they resolved a conflict peacefully?
then the democratic faction within the ark would be impressed,
the totalitarian racist boss?
Not so much, or is it an opportunity to use the PCs to his advantage? :P

It will come to you, remember the Ark is a very contained small space rumors fly easily!
Reddit sees A LOT of activity and shared material like battlemaps pretty continuedly, i would recommend subscribing to it , its Wiki is a gold mine for both fanmade material and Offichal material that fans had made maps for , for example.
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Re: [MYZ Core Rulebook] Questions #11-20

Sun 23 May 2021, 15:23

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