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[Factions] MYZ The Chairman’s Ark

Tue 06 Apr 2021, 16:09

(Special Zone Sector: The Other Ark)
*Post utilizes the following additional content: Colonies PDF, Ark Projects PDF, and The Gearhead Armory PDF, links included below.*
Q#1: Has anyone created an Ark Sheet and a Colony sheet (Pop 25+/Size 1) for this faction?
Known Information (MYZ pages 207-212):
-Population size: unknown number of mutant adults and “dozens” of children, ages unknown
-Location: fortified crumbling skyscraper complex with an ancient generator (powered by manual labor)
-Rot Level: ?
-Water Supply: unlimited fresh water
-Food Supply: Critically low (1 week), male mutants serve as food source (cannibalism)
-Artifacts: Revolver (w/Chairman), Road Sign (w/Dink), 4-5 random artifacts (storeroom)
-Faction Relations: Unnamed Zone-Ghouls (Hostile)
-Military Assets: x3 armored buses, female mutant combatants
-NPC, Chairman (male zone-ghoul)
-NPC, Enforcer Rebeth (female mutant)
-NPC, Stalker Krin (female mutant)
-NPC, Grunt Dink (male mutant)
-NPC, Gearhead Naptha (female mutant)
-NPC, ark mutants
-Scene: The Chairman’s Suite (25th floor, ark leader)
-Scene: The Artifact Storeroom (large amount of scrap, artifacts, armored buses)
-Scene: Gate (spotlight, female mutant armed guards)
-Scene: Hand-Cranked Elevator (male mutant slaves)
-Scene: Pushwheel Connected to Generator (5-6 male mutant slaves)
-Scene: Slaughterhouse (armed female mutant guards, butchered male mutants)
-Scene: Cages for the “Givers” (enslaved male mutants)
-Scene: Basement (water pipe, stored meat)
-Gear, Ark mutants: scrap rifle, bullets, spiked bat, scrap knife, scrap spear, bicycle chain, scrap pistol
Inferred Information:
-The settlement has a minimum population size (25+) and is in a Rot 0 zone.
-The settlement has more than the bare minimum DEV rating, as it has survived decades of existence in a hostile Zone.
-This settlement (COL) is erratic, under single leadership (despot), and has a positive growth rate.
-This settlement has contact with at least one hostile faction (Zone-Ghouls), and may have raided others for slaves. The fact that it can be seen multiple sectors away due to the presence of a skyscraper with electricity, should make this a prime target for other factions to raid.
-A working power source can provide electricity to recharge Robots and Energy Cells.
-This settlement is an active threat to the Zone and can be a force multiplier to any faction that controls its power source.
-The settlement has armored vehicles and can project its power outside its sector.
-The settlement is able to scavenge or craft the gear listed above.
-The settlement has members with the skills and tools to be able to repair and maintain complex mechanical and electrical systems of Tech level 20.
-Other (based on comments to this post)
MYZ = Mutant Year Zero
GLA = Gene Lab Alpha
ELY = Elysium
MEC = Mechatron
COL = Colonies PDF ( ... 8u63pTrxEo)
AP = Ark Projects PDF ( ... BiKQbGWOoo)
GHA = The Gearhead Armory PDF ( ... rKR9iJLMRw)

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