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[Factions] MYZ Zone Ghouls “The Pure Ones”

Tue 06 Apr 2021, 01:49

(Special Zone Sector: For a Mouthful of Water)
*Post utilizes the following additional content: Colonies PDF, Ark Projects PDF, and The Gearhead Armory PDF, links included below.*
Q#1: Has anyone created an Ark Sheet and a Colony sheet (Pop 50/Size 1) for this faction?
Known Information (MYZ pages 201-207):
-Population size: approximately 50 (half adults, half children)
-Location: 5-6 squares from players Ark, small island on a mist covered lake, a decaying but functional Water Purification Plant (AP p.12; T40) and Power Plant (MEC; T50).
-Rot Level: 1 (Weak)
-Water Supply: unlimited clean water (COL p.12; Commodity Clean Water (Wealth 2+))
-Food Supply: “have dozens grub rations/much of this grub is contaminated by Rot”
-Artifacts: 1-2 random
-Faction Relations: None
-Military Assets: ?
-Arc NPC, Stalker Vorhan (dead, see Scene: Smokestack)
-Arc NPC, unnamed #1 (dead/killed by Zone-Ghouls, location unknown)
-Arc NPC, unnamed #2 (dead/killed by Zone-Ghouls, location unknown)
-Arc NPC, Enforcer Nelma (female mutant/alive, Scene: Control Room)
-Arc NPC, Gearhead Lambda (female mutant/alive, Scene: Control Room)
-Arc NPC, Grunt Grit (male mutant/alive, Scene: Control Room)
-NPC, Lutrell (male zone-ghoul)
-NPC, Zone-Ghouls
-Threat, Trash Hawk (MYZ p.181)
-Threat, Worm Swarm (MYZ p.181, Strength 10)
-Scene: Smokestack (Trash Hawk, bodies, loot, meta plot artifact)
-Scene: Control Room (surviving members of expedition)
-Scene: Reservoirs (Worm Swarm, Zone-Ghouls)
-Scene: Tunnels (exploration/movement)
-Gear, Zone-Ghouls: Bicycle Chain, Slingshot, Scrap knife, bow, arrows, old litmus papers, torn wetsuit
Inferred Information:
-The settlement has more than the bare minimum DEV rating, as it has survived decades of existence in a hostile Zone.
-This settlement (COL) is stable, under single leadership (bureaucrat), and has a positive growth rate.
-This settlement does not have contact with other factions.
-A working power source can provide electricity to computer terminals, thus the possibility that they can access information from pre-war times. It can recharge Robots and Energy Cells.
-This settlement can potentially be a powerful force multiplier in the Zone, either as an independent settlement with neutral or friendly relations, or under the control of another faction. It is reasonable to suggest that it can potentially be a “flash point” for competing factions once knowledge of this place gets out.
-The settlement is able to scavenge or craft the gear listed above.
-The settlement has members with the skills and tools to be able to repair and maintain complex mechanical and electrical systems of Tech level 50. (This has potentially huge implications.)
-Other (based on comments to this post)
MYZ = Mutant Year Zero
GLA = Gene Lab Alpha
ELY = Elysium
MEC = Mechatron
COL = Colonies PDF ( ... 8u63pTrxEo)
AP = Ark Projects PDF ( ... BiKQbGWOoo)
GHA = The Gearhead Armory PDF ( ... rKR9iJLMRw)
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Re: [Factions] MYZ Zone Ghouls “The Pure Ones”

Tue 06 Apr 2021, 15:40

Edited OP to add “Faction Relations” and “Military Assets” entries.

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