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How many years have passed?

Posted: Sat 24 Aug 2019, 21:20
by voyager156
How many years have passed since the apocalypse happen? What is the "current" year?

Re: How many years have passed?

Posted: Sat 24 Aug 2019, 22:21
by Fenhorn
A nice thread about this :)

Nice thread

There is a book about the various Mutant games and the world (Swedish only) and in that they have a timeline. There is a thread in the Swedish section about this, but here is a translation of it.

Timeline (I skipped the last entries because they only refers to the older mutant games that hasn't been translated and will probably not be).
2042 - Elysium I stands ready.
2086 - War breaks out between the titanpowers Elysium, Mimir and Noatun.
2093 - The Genesis Project is started by Elysium IV.
2134 - Elysium IV is destroyed by Mimir.
2168 - The last humans leaves Noatuns underwater base Mechatron 7.
2241 - Mimir initiate the Eden project.
2246 - The Eden Project is closed due to a revolt among mutants and scientists.
2271 - Mutant Year Zero takes place.
2272 - Genlab Alpha takes place.
2273 - Mechatron takes place.
2274 - Elysium takes place.

This timeline assumes that the red plague starts around now(ish).

Re: How many years have passed?

Posted: Sun 25 Aug 2019, 12:13
by voyager156
Thank You very much !