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Re: The Grand Campaign - drafts and suggestions?

Posted: Thu 25 Jul 2019, 11:30
by Moldeboa
Another option could, perhaps be:

1. Mutant Year Zero - only mutants until they suddenly meet their first animal mutants, then:
2. Genlab Alpha - to find out their backstory.
3. Mutant Year Zero - mutants and animals for a short while until they suddenly meet their first robots, then:
4. Mechatron - to find out their backstory.
5. Mutant Year Zero - an arc or two until they meet Enclave Humans, then:
6. Elysium - to find out their backstory.
7. All combined for an arc or two, then time jump until
8. Grey Death (time jump because I feel that the backstory for Grey Death supposes that the species have been living together for a time)

Eden could of course be mixed in here somewhat if the player's are so inclined, but if they choose to take the ride with Dr. Retzius (or alone), they need to wait until Ad Astra to continue :)

Re: The Grand Campaign - drafts and suggestions?

Posted: Thu 25 Jul 2019, 17:07
by Dorantee
Yeah it is isn't? I just hope my group will be able to hold together till the end! Haha!  

No I haven't actually. Partially because in my estimation he won't really appear until about 3 years from now if my group keeps going the pace they're going now and partially because I really have nooo idea how to translate the stats from the old game into the new so I'm waiting for Hindenburg to release. Apparently it's supposed to include a guide on how to translate the old engine into the new Y0 one.
Ah, I didn't know that, and I didn't back it because I prefer English. If I had known this, perhaps... oh well. I have converted a lot of monsters from MUA to MYZ, using existing ones as a baseline. Or simply just using the idea behind the creature and stating them up. The Hydra however... I feel he almost needs to be built like they create monsters in Forbidden Lands. Strength = Hit points is fine until you want to have almost indestructible creatures. It's a mismatch between the hit point level and the number of dice you want the creature to roll for strength-based attacks.
Couldn't you give him resistance like cars or some of the bigger robots have? Where he has to take a certain amount of damage before lowering a point of strength? Say he's got strength 15 and a resistance of 5, then has to take 5 damage before lowering his strength to 14, ie. He has to take a total of 75 damage before keeling over.

Then it's just a matter of matching strength and resistance until you get a result that you're happy with.

Re: The Grand Campaign - drafts and suggestions?

Posted: Fri 26 Jul 2019, 07:18
by Moldeboa
That's a very good idea, thanks!