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Core mutations (psi) VS robots

Sat 23 Mar 2019, 16:48

Could you be so kind as clarifying for me Is it possible to use emotional, illusion and mind mutations on awakened positronic brains in MY0? May mutants use their mind-playing powers on sentient robots?
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Re: Core mutations (psi) VS robots

Sat 23 Mar 2019, 17:04

Since a robot can't suffer trauma other than damage (i.e. trauma to strength), I would say no.
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Re: Core mutations (psi) VS robots

Sun 31 Mar 2019, 10:03

Robots suffer phisical trauma too all atributes (not only strengh), but can't suffer doubt and other psychological conditions.   
I whould say it depends on how the given power works exactly? Does it work on senses, create some visible to all illusions or what other way?
For the game balance sake i whould try to keep Robots in line, ton too make them too powerfull. So after some experiences/training i whould let probably most powers to work on sentient machines somehow. 
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Re: Core mutations (psi) VS robots

Sun 31 Mar 2019, 18:01

Hi! Psionic mutations that only affects the mind (Puppeteer, Mind Terror) only works on living beings. Psionic mutations with a physical effect (Pyrokinesis) will work on robots as well.
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