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New (swedish) settings

Fri 06 Apr 2018, 23:10

Hey! I startet into the Mutant-Setting by buying Genlab Alpha, then backed the german Version of Year Zero (which I recieved this week). The pdf of the Mechatron-Kickstarter has been delivered. 

Now I have read, that swedish versions of Elysium has been successful 'kickstarted' and Hindenburg has been announced. My sweedish is next to Zero (pun intended), much less than google translator.

Is anyone out there here in the english forum, who can describe the settings of Elysium and Hindenburg? What can we expect next for Mutant?

Thx, Ur-Shulgi
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Re: New (swedish) settings

Sat 07 Apr 2018, 00:49

Elysium takes place in an Enclave (E1). It is an underground city. It is a fully functional city, although, it is not in a good shape and due to lack of resources and sadly, bad leadership, it is going down. The players are playing som sort of special police (i don't know what they will be called in English. It is Gestapo-like). The players are sent out to solve crime, often with a political agenda. This is a world that is more like a cyberpunk world than an apocalyptic one. Also, the players will have a hard time trusting people here, perhaps even each other. The campaign, "Guardians of the Apocalypse" (this is my free translation of the title "Katastrofens Väktare")

Elysium will be the last of the "class" expansions. It will stand on its own but of course the idea is to combine it with Genlab Alpha, Mechatron and of course the base game itself , Mutant Year Zero. There are (as usual) a chapter with extra projects (mostly civilization creation projects, like "Code of Laws", "Social Hierarchy" and "Coinage" (my free translations of the project names).

Hindenburg is throwback to the old game Mutant. The original game (1984 and 2001) had a setting will small kingdoms and city states, about a hundred (perhaps two) years from MYZ. The old Mutant games had very rich and colourful setting, mostly about one of these kingdoms called Pyrisamfundet (Pyri Community ?). The name of the capital is Hindenburg. The setting has zones that you can travel to but also cities and states. A little bit of wild west meets steam punk meets apocalypse. The expansion Hindenburg is suppose to take place some years (a generation of so) after what happened in the 2001 campaign setting. I don't know if they are going to just translate the Swedish Pyri-setting or if they are going to write up something that could be placed everywhere. We don't know much yet about this.

Besides these two things we have Mutant Ad Astra (they have shown some concept art of it, sort of. We don't know much about this either. Not more than it is mutants in space.
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Re: New (swedish) settings

Sat 07 Apr 2018, 12:03

Thank you! That helps to get an idea of the settings. :) 
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Re: New (swedish) settings

Fri 03 May 2019, 21:35

Just learn more about the english great vowel chang and backtrack it and it's almost the same language ;)

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