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Do the mutants eat together in the Ark?

Posted: Sun 26 Feb 2017, 03:49
by Charlie D
In the container ship Ark we are using the mutants normally eat together in the dining hall. How do the mutants in your Ark eat? Beans scarfed all alone all the time does not a happy mutant make. Even in prison people eat in a group. Also, do your mutants have to pay for every meal? If so how do they earn bullets?

Re: Do the mutants eat together in the Ark?

Posted: Thu 02 Mar 2017, 05:11
by Atomics
In my group's Ark, everyone eats individually, or with "their" group/gang/spouse.

This seems to make the most sense as the whole concept of the setting - emphasized on p.129 of MYZ as Gamemaster Principal #2: "THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH GRUB" and #3 "IF YOU'VE GOT IT, YOU'RE A TARGET".

My players put 10 Ark DEV points in food right at the start and have already devoted 2 of their first projects to improve it more. Even so, there have been multiple occasions where someone has gotten a night of "starvation" condition (usually fixed the next day as a priority).

Re: Do the mutants eat together in the Ark?

Posted: Fri 03 Mar 2017, 21:18
by Charlie D
The way we started is everyone is used to the way the Elder used to run it (everyone gets food and water so they eat together). We've only played once and they built up food, but this system of everyone eating and having water is breaking down. So community meals may soon be out.

Re: Do the mutants eat together in the Ark?

Posted: Mon 25 Feb 2019, 23:49
by SCalvin
I like to push the scarcity. So yeah, you have to buy, barter or gather food yourself. Increasing the food attribute of the Ark makes this easier as food per bullet increases.

I've always thought that the campaign starts after that shortage becomes apparent. There used to be a large central store, but that is down to a few weeks or a months supply now, hoarded by a combination of the people around the Elder, the bosses or a few lucky fixers. The Ark at the lowest food stage has no way of producing food besides the odd bits stalkers bring home and decide to share.

I think you should do what feels interesting for your Ark, and what fits the people you have controlling the food. Maybe a boss has a labour-for-food routine where you do your day's chore and then get your allotment under guard. Maybe you go to the fixer's grub auction.

Re: Do the mutants eat together in the Ark?

Posted: Tue 26 Feb 2019, 13:24
by Khan
When we started up our Ark, one of the bosses completely controlled the grub supply of old tins. She and her gang distributed a limited supply of these from one place once a day. This meant that if you wanted grub, you had to be there early to get a tin, which resulted in long soviet-style food lines every morning. It seemed to fit the setting quite a bit, and often small fights ensued when someone who was too late tried to get food from the early birds.

The boss actively, but secretly, tried to sabotage or gain control over every project in the Ark that would increase the food supply. It created great conflict for the players to act upon.