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Denizens of the Sinkhole: the Verdure

Fri 24 Feb 2017, 22:14

Spoilers if you plan to play ZONE SECTOR: Denizens of the Sinkhole as a player. If anyone has any feedback I would appreciate it. 

I am going to use this zone sector for my first adventure. However, no real rules exist for the Verdure. Here is what I came up with, modeling the Verdure on existing rules:

Take 1 Plant Point per day when exposed to Verdure flowers (a spore attack by a Verdure flower is enough to inflict 1 Plant Point at the end of the day attacked).

Every time you suffer a Plant Point, you must immediately roll a number of Base Dice equal to your total amount of Plant Points. For every 1 you roll, you suffer one point of confusion (trauma to Wits).

1 Plant Point can be permanently removed for 1 damage (to Strength) per Plant Point removed. It takes 1 point of additional damage to completely remove the flowers from someone whose Wits were broken from the flowers.

If your Wits are Broken, you are taken over by the flowers of the Verdure. The flowers have the Puppeteer mutation that only affects the host and does not cost Mutation Points (always active) if you are in the same sector as the Verdure. 

The flowers put a new host to sleep for 4 hours to recover Wits. However, if the host leaves the Verdure’s sector, their Wits are reduced to 0 and cannot be recovered while the flowers remain and the host is out of the Verdure’s sector.

In addition, immediately replace your current mutations with Human Plant, Spores, and Telepathy. For every mutation you gain beyond your number of current mutations you take 1 permanent trauma. Even if the flowers are later completely removed, you do not regain your previous mutations and keep the new mutations.
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Re: Denizens of the Sinkhole: the Verdure

Sat 25 Feb 2017, 18:02

Looks good!
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