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Extreme Reflexes Mutation Rules Clarification

Thu 19 Jan 2017, 03:58

Question about Extreme Reflexes mutation.

In the book, p72:
Fight or Shoot an enemy a second time in the same turn. The extra attack costs you 1 MP. You don’t get an extra maneuver. (E)

The corresponding mutation card:
Fight of Shoot an enemy several times in the same turn. Every extra attack costs you 1 MP. (E)

So, the card would seem to indicate that if you had 10 MP, you could use Shoot 11 times in a round. Based on the book, it would seem you can only use 1 MP to use Shoot a second time (in one round anyway). This is all dependent on having a weapon that you can use that many times (i.e. a scrap pistol is going to take a maneuver to reload, so you would have to be using an Artifact with a clip).

So, which interpretation is correct? Could you Shoot many times, if you had an assault rifle? What if you only had a scrap weapon (and thus needed a maneuver to reload)? Or are you limited to 2 actions (i.e. shots)?
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Re: Extreme Reflexes Mutation Rules Clarification

Thu 19 Jan 2017, 10:10

One extra attack is the correct rule. This was modified in the second printing of the rulebook, but the card reflects the version in the first printing.
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