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Re: Big smoke map locations

Thu 28 May 2020, 03:47

Lupex I'd be very intrested in your proposed Google doc of London.
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Re: Big smoke map locations

Mon 01 Jun 2020, 14:32

As you can guess I never did start my campaign, so this kinda got left behind. As I’m in lockdown like everyone else I thought I would start prepping for my next one-shot, and it’s a toss up between the MYZ starter set or Alien:Chariot of the Gods, I am favouring MYZ.

As I am UK based I am planning on using the Big Smoke map and going through the list of new placeholders and noting which real life locations these correspond to, probably in a google doc that others can add to. Would this be useful to anyone?
"Useful" that would be a understatement as I'm really looking forward to seeing what you've done.
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Re: Big smoke map locations

Mon 01 Jun 2020, 17:00

Unfortunately other projects have stopped me progressing on this, hopefully I will have some time soon.
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Re: Big smoke map locations

Sun 02 Aug 2020, 23:05

Hello there and nice to meet-chu,
your local thread-necromancer here to revive this topic.

Preamble: I ran my local group through character creation, and after foolishly offering them to topic their own location for the Ark between the maps from the Zone Map Pack and a local map I bought, they of course picked good ol' London (or rather, Big Smoke). Fine and dandy by me, but now I am of course forced to go through the same hoops some of you may have gone through: finding interesting locations in and around London to smack into my Zone Map and finding out what the already marked down spots are supposed to be.

So, in the spirit of helping current and future-Wasteland Lords running a campaign in the Big Smoke, I porpose get all those markers cleared up and highlight some amazing spots, encounters and whatnot in Her Majesty's capital! As a small aid, the slightly lighter lines on the map from Free league aren't just background image.. if your crosscheck with Google Maps, you'll realize that the correspond to modern main roads, which helps TREMENDOUSLY locating off-centre spots.

What I got so far:
  • Old Ben - Big Ben
  • Old Ship - The HQS Wellington, a Grimsby-class Sloop, moored and serving as a livery hall for the Honourable Company of Master Mariners
  • Dark Castle - the Tower of London
  • The Column - Nelson's Column at Trafalgar Square
  • The Arena - Kensington Palace, although it may also be the dried-up Round Pond nearby
  • Alexandra's Tower - Alexandra's Palace, an ice-rink and location for musical gigs
  • The Rotswamp - seems to be the little-known Moat and Moat Garden near Fulham Palace, having crossed and expanded onto both sides of Thames, flooding Barn Elms Playing Field
  • Spotty Waste - Chase Nature Reserve
  • Evil Eye - The Royal Greenwich Observatory
  • Sinkhole - Anglican Chapel, Kensal Green Cemetery/Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery/West London Crematorium, which apparently all sank down into the earth?
  • Deathmush - appears to be the entire area of Wembley park, including the Stadium and Neasden London Underground Depot
  • Eden? - amusingly enough, it appears to be the Veolia, Rainham Landfill, which has flooded with the water from the Thames. Meaning any hopeful mutant venturing there will find heaps of trash from the before-times, but not safe haven

    I am unsure of The Noise Tower, because it seems to be right between the Brentford FC Training Gound and Heston Primary School... but there's nothing but an big, empty field...

    I look forward to your helpful contributions, especially if you are from the area, as I do not even remotely close to London and would love some insight from locals or enthusiasts. :D
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Re: Big smoke map locations

Sun 02 Jan 2022, 22:22

Old Ship - The HQS Wellington, a Grimsby-class Sloop, moored and serving as a livery hall for the Honourable Company of Master Mariners
I'd say this is more likely HMS Belfast, because of the guns on the drawing. But thanks for the rest of them, I had very little clue about most of them haha

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