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[Arca Alpha] Assembly Vote #2: Smithy

Fri 16 Jul 2021, 14:07

My players have expressed no real interest in the “Assembly Vote” part of the game, so I am leaving that part to the Ark’s NPCs/Factions to run. In between each “Assembly Vote” on the Messenger group chat I will mention which projects are up for voting, and if they want to “support” or “suppress” any particular project, to which I will add an automatic “6/Success” or “1/Bane” Skill Dice to their choice. They don’t like the dice rolling and keeping track of the work points (bookkeeping), they leave that to me, they are however very invested in the Arks development and prosperity (they are part of the Chroniclers faction) and contribute to its success by going to the Zone and getting the raw materials/crafting components needed to help in the construction of the voted project.
I “automated” the actual determination of the amount of work points completed (Project WPs x6 PCs) and use a similar table to calculate how much of the project is completed each “Session/14 days in game”. I “interpret” the dice rolls into storytelling; taking a look at the results for Session #2, I might write for the construction of a new Smithy based on the number of success:
(+1) Chroniclers (T): They provided guidance on how to build this project, based on knowledge of ancient texts.
(+2) Enforcers (W): Seeing how this would make construction of future firearms easier, they eagerly participated in the grunt work needed to build this project.
(+0) Guardians (T,W): They focused on providing 24/7 security to the construction site and did not contribute to the actual construction project.
(+0) Sentinels (C/T): As this is not what they wanted to build, they did not help or hinder its construction.
(+3) Workers (C/T, F): They dedicated the full resources of their members to the project’s construction, as it is a requirement for a Workshop which they understand to be a cornerstone for future improvements to the Arks development.
(+1) Unaligned (Any): Motivated by the Peoples enthusiasm for the project, a lot of them did their best to help out in its construction.
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