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[Factions] MYZ The Chairman’s Ark

Tue 06 Apr 2021, 16:09

(Special Zone Sector: The Other Ark)
*Post utilizes the following additional content: Colonies PDF, Ark Projects PDF, and The Gearhead Armory PDF, links included below.*
Q#1: Has anyone created an Ark Sheet and a Colony sheet (Pop 25+/Size 1) for this faction?
Known Information (MYZ pages 207-212):
-Population size: unknown number of mutant adults and “dozens” of children, ages unknown
-Location: fortified crumbling skyscraper complex with an ancient generator (powered by manual labor)
-Rot Level: ?
-Water Supply: unlimited fresh water
-Food Supply: Critically low (1 week), male mutants serve as food source (cannibalism)
-Artifacts: Revolver (w/Chairman), Road Sign (w/Dink), 4-5 random artifacts (storeroom)
-Faction Relations: Unnamed Zone-Ghouls (Hostile)
-Military Assets: x3 armored buses, female mutant combatants
-NPC, Chairman (male zone-ghoul)
-NPC, Enforcer Rebeth (female mutant)
-NPC, Stalker Krin (female mutant)
-NPC, Grunt Dink (male mutant)
-NPC, Gearhead Naptha (female mutant)
-NPC, ark mutants
-Scene: The Chairman’s Suite (25th floor, ark leader)
-Scene: The Artifact Storeroom (large amount of scrap, artifacts, armored buses)
-Scene: Gate (spotlight, female mutant armed guards)
-Scene: Hand-Cranked Elevator (male mutant slaves)
-Scene: Pushwheel Connected to Generator (5-6 male mutant slaves)
-Scene: Slaughterhouse (armed female mutant guards, butchered male mutants)
-Scene: Cages for the “Givers” (enslaved male mutants)
-Scene: Basement (water pipe, stored meat)
-Gear, Ark mutants: scrap rifle, bullets, spiked bat, scrap knife, scrap spear, bicycle chain, scrap pistol
Inferred Information:
-The settlement has a minimum population size (25+) and is in a Rot 0 zone.
-The settlement has more than the bare minimum DEV rating, as it has survived decades of existence in a hostile Zone.
-This settlement (COL) is erratic, under single leadership (despot), and has a positive growth rate.
-This settlement has contact with at least one hostile faction (Zone-Ghouls), and may have raided others for slaves. The fact that it can be seen multiple sectors away due to the presence of a skyscraper with electricity, should make this a prime target for other factions to raid.
-A working power source can provide electricity to recharge Robots and Energy Cells.
-This settlement is an active threat to the Zone and can be a force multiplier to any faction that controls its power source.
-The settlement has armored vehicles and can project its power outside its sector.
-The settlement is able to scavenge or craft the gear listed above.
-The settlement has members with the skills and tools to be able to repair and maintain complex mechanical and electrical systems of Tech level 20.
-Other (based on comments to this post)
MYZ = Mutant Year Zero
GLA = Gene Lab Alpha
ELY = Elysium
MEC = Mechatron
COL = Colonies PDF ( ... 8u63pTrxEo)
AP = Ark Projects PDF ( ... BiKQbGWOoo)
GHA = The Gearhead Armory PDF ( ... rKR9iJLMRw)
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Re: [Factions] MYZ The Chairman’s Ark

Sun 18 Apr 2021, 04:19

I haven't bothered with creating a sheet for the Chairmans Ark, but I used it recently in my game, and maybe some of you are interested in that.

During one session, a heavily mutilated stalker returned to the ark, where the players quickly brought him to the Chroniclers, to hopefully patch him up. He told them that he was stalked by a very big and scary mutant beast, that ripped off his arm. and detailed the sector, where he was ambushed. The players decided that this was a too dangerous beast, and went on a hunt. This was the furthest they had ever ventured out to the west of the map and they finally found and slayed the beast (a devourer). Quite banged up, they limbed back to their ark, and on the way, the groups stalker noticed that the western sky was lit with electical light and there were searchlights or something.

Next session two iron chariots (functioning cars) stopped on the road not far from the ark, and several persons (mutants) were searching the area and apparently found trails leading to the ark. The players greeted the first mutants outside of their own community they ever saw and invited them in. The four mutants were 3 women and one man (the stalker) and the players were quite amazed at their mastery of technology and that they were all well fed and not scrawny. They seemed quite friendly and invited them over to their ark and talked about trading and stuff, but also mentioned that one of their own went missing some time ago and if the players might know about that VIPs whereabouts. That VIP was the "man from the beach" who had arrived a few sessions earlier in the ark. The players knew that the man had fled some place, but lost his footing and banged his head to hard, that he couldn't remember anything besides that, so they feigned ignorance. During a private talk, the man from the beach was nearly panicking and didn't want to return to the other ark and warned the players about not trusting the Chairman or eating the meat they would be offered there. He also talked about a friendly Gearhead called Fox, due to her shock of red hair.

The next day, the players returned with the new mutants to the other ark and were, again, awed by the cars and the other arks defensive and technological advancements. They were invited friendly, given a room in one appartment to rest, (were offered some meat, but didn't touch it) and were free to explore the ark, but told not to venture into the underground levels, because the electricity was sensitive equipment, that they wouldn't want strangers near. The players quicky found Fox and established friendly contact with her, and even confided about the man on the beaches whereabouts. During a lengthy talk they learned that he was the mastermind behind much of the technology in the other ark, and that, of course, the arks food supply were people; a fact that didnt sit too well with Fox, and my groups Fixer quickly talked her out of it and made her see the wrong in eating your fellow mutants. Fox also told the players about some underground bunker/facility of the ancients, that was nearby. There she had actually found the man from the beach inside of the only working cryo capsule, all others had malfunctioned.

Later, the players were summoned to meet the Chairman, whom they didn't trust half an inch, and there was some fun back and forth, while the Chairman tried to propose trading, while gaining some more information on the players ark.
Eventually the players would return to their apartment for the night, setting up sentries. In the middle of the night Fox knocked on their door and informed them, that something big would be happening tomorrow: the arks three armored transporters were being loaded with ammunition and supplies and the garage was abuzz, surely they wanted to raid the players ark in the morrow. The players managed to convince Fox to defect with them, and together they cobbled together a plan: Fox would sabotage the electric line that lead towards the main gates search lights, while the parties gearhead would sabotage one of the working scout cars, and hijacking the other. The parties ranger and enforcer would make a run for the gate, while the lights were out, and try to knock out the lock/bar. Everything worked out, more or the less, even though they were shot at, a lot, and the players escaped with their stolen car towards their own ark.

There they quickly warned every one of the raid and introduced Fox. One last, sad discovery was there, waiting for them: the man from the beach had hanged himself in his room, apparently he panicked that the other ark might succeed with their raid, and he would be forced to return back there.

So, next session will see the players ark besieged by the Chairmans arks assault force, and quite a formidable one. The Chairman will then give the players ark an easy ultimatum: give up 10 of their own, to feed his arks meat production and slave kennels, or face his army and probably loosing many, many more mutants in the ensuing battle.

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