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Re: How many XP do maxed out PCs have?

Wed 23 Sep 2020, 10:07

I house ruled all talents/mystic powers/cybernetics and skills. Using the rules in Forbidden Lands plus some changes.

Skill cost: 4 xp * lvl you want. E.g. if you have lvl 1 and want to buy lvl 3 in a skill it will cost you 4*2+4*3= 20xp

Talent cost: 3 xp * lvl you want but you need to have the skill the talent is based on one lvl higher.
The talents have up to 4 lvls. So if you want lvl 4 in the talent "Automatic fire" you need to have 5 in the skill "ranged combat"

Mystic powers: Same as for talents but the cost is 5 instead of 3. Using the rules in Emissary Lost but they will need a teacher to raise a mystic power beyond lvl 2.

Bionics and cybernetics come is lvl where it is doable and also costs Birr and xp / lvl

This will forces the PC to raise thier skills first but when they have a skill at a high lvl they can choose a talent to lvl.

It was time consuming to rewrite all talents and give them 4 lvls and every lvl interesting for the PCs. We did that work together and all players said the same, "it is more interesting to have a talent that interacts in the game in another way than just a flat +1 or +2 in a given skill and/or situation".

I think i have given out over 100 xp so far and no one has a skill over lvl 4.
I have only one concern and that is if you have a min/maxer in your group they can get "jack of all, master at nothing" as they can pretty fast get at least 1 in every skill. To prevent that you could make a rule that to learn a qual-skill you need a trainer.. sort of.

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