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Weapon Attributes

Thu 09 Apr 2020, 23:13

A while back my old GM tobiasekwall posted in the Swedish corner about how to make weapons differ from region to region and from manufacturer to manufacturer. He mentioned aesthetics such as having Algolian weapons be sprayed black & plasticy, Miran weapons having wooden inlays in the stock and Dabarian pieces having the pipe be an almost statuesque cast that resemble the mouth of a mythical creature. He also mentioned having weapons get special traits, maybe certain acc-weapons don't work properly in non-standard G. Maybe certain vulcan weapons require standard atmospheres?

Based on that I made a little list of attributes to throw in to allow for both low grade, high grade and specialized weapons. Take, change and please give feedback.

Scrap weapon
The weapon is home made, a shabby job or perhaps it is old and rusted through. No matter the reason the weapon is unreliable. At every shot the first six must be re-rolled. Can be taken in different levels, more levels, more sixes that need to be re-rolled.

Well made - precise
The weapon is masterfully made, has been modified by a weapon connaisseur, is specially ordered or is in some other way better than a factory line made one. At every shot, one die may be re-rolled. Can be taken in different levels, more levels, more dice that may be re-rolled.

Defective accelerator
The accelerator in this acc-weapon whines and hisses. The weapon does not have the silent trait.

Sluggish accelerator
This acc-weapon has a sluggish accelerator. The range is reduced one level.

Defective detonators
This vulcan weapon has a tendency not to activate the internal detonators of its shots. This results in the small rockets hitting the target without detonating. The GM can spend 2 darkness points to have the weapon deal no damage, and 1 darkness point to change the damage to that of a primitive rifle.

Delayed detonation
This vulcan weapon can with a setting have the shots detonate with a delay. If delay is active, half the sixes of an attack can be saved to an attack on the next round. Other sixes are forfeit.

Chain shot (streak vulcan)
This vulcan carbine has advanced tracking that makes the rockets in the same salvo follow the same vector. The risk is that if the first rocket misses, then all rockets miss. The reward is that if there is a hit the damage is greater and it punches through armor better. The weapon bonus is reduced by 3 but gains +1 to damage and the armor-piercing trait.

Ballistic Vulcan
This vulcan weapon has been combined with an acc-mechanism that launches the rockets before they are activated. The weapon gains the extreme range. But for attacks at short range and closer the rockets do not have time enough to activate and the weapon is treated as a primitive rifle.

Defective magazine
Due to damage or design this weapon does not have a proper magazine. Ammunition must be added after every shot. The weapon gains the single-shot trait.

Low Capacity
This weapon either has a reduced magazine or is more demaning of cells. It requires a reload after only two quick shots in a round and after a normal shot & a quick shot in a round. The GM can also spend only 2 darkness points to cause the weapon to sieze fire. 

The weapon has spikes, spines, images of menacing djinn or skulls. Whatever it is the weapon gives a threatening impression. It gives a +1 bonus to threaten with manipulate. And the first extra six used to cause stress damage causes 2 points of stress instead of 1 point of stress.

Bayonett (gunblade)
The weapon has a built in melee weapon. Either a bayonett, a blade built into the pipe or a knuckle duster on the handle. The weapon can be used as a melee weapon. Which melee weapon depends on what weapon is modified. Consult with the GM, but primitives or cell-driven daggers, swords, axes, spears or staves could all be possible

Atmospherically challenged
This weapon only works in certain atmospheres. Perhaps it only works on earth-like environs or works poorly in low-oxygen or in a vacuum?

Temperature bound
This weapon only works as intended in certain temperature ranges. Perhaps it siezes up in the cold or overheats in warm climes.

Gravitationally demanding
This weapon is not adjusted to gravitational pulls other than standard 1 g. Perhaps it works poorly in low g, perhaps in high g.

Weapon intelligence
The weapon has a built in intelligence that with sensors scans and monitors the battlefield. The weapon can be programmed with voice commands and can also give tactical advice. Gives a +1 bonus.

The weapon has been affected by the dark between the stars. It always causes both victim and user one point of stress on hit.

The weapon is blessed by the icons. It is more effective against darkmorphs. Against them the weapon can have one (or several) of the following traits. Increased bonus, increased damage, reduced crit-value.
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Re: Weapon Attributes

Fri 10 Apr 2020, 12:36

Those options are very interesting. Good balance between positive and negative attributes. Definitely will increase the "excitement" of players who like itemization part of the games. I might introduce those in the following adventures and see how receptive my players are towards those modifications.
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Re: Weapon Attributes

Fri 10 Apr 2020, 14:35

Yeah, hopefully they aren't too broken. 
Also, I haven't given any price range or price multiplier for each attribute. I figured they'd either be stolen or received as rewards for missions, not purchased on any market.
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Re: Weapon Attributes

Sun 12 Apr 2020, 22:35

Trying to come up with some more traits.

Aesthetically peculiar
Something very eye-catching has been done to this weapon. Perhaps the stock is filled with scrimshaw, perhaps the pipe is shaped like the maw of a mythical beast. Maybe the entire weapon is gilded or covered in neon glyphs. No matter what people can easily remember the weapon if they see you using it.

Heavy Materials
The weapon is made from dense and heavy material, perhaps as a deliberate design choice, or by necessity. The weapon requires a strength score of 4. Its initiative bonus is reduced by 1 and if it is a melee weapon its damage is increased by 1.

Experimental design
This weapon is experimental and untested in prolonged use. It begins with a bonus that is 2 higher than normal for a weapon of its type, but for every scene in which it is used the bonus is reduced by one. Due to its complex and non-standard design, repairs of the weapon can only be done by its maker.

This weapon is a proof-of-concept to show off a new design feature. The GM may increase up to three attributes or add up to three traits for the weapon or any combination thereof. But if at any point the weapon is fired and there are no successes, the weapon breaks irreparably.

This weapon can easily be disassembled. The pieces can then either be placed in a carrying case or rebuilt to form something else. Perhaps something innocuous.

Humanite grip
This weapon is not made for regular human hands. Perhaps the grip is adjusted for someone with claws, webbed fingers, fewer or more digits, tentacles or a prehensile tail. If you lack the feature the weapon is designed for the bonus is reduced by 1.

Rush Job
The weapon is a rushed construction, poorly made or prone to mishaps. The GM can cause the weapon to break down for 2 darkness points. Repairing it will cost one spare part.

Built in tracker
This weapon has a small tracker built into it. Built for those who misplace their belongings, or for those who want to track sales. The built in tracker can be remotely activated using a certain signal to have it send a gps/proximity signal back to help the user locate it.

This melee weapon can be extended or retracted. Extending it can be done when the weapon is drawn.

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