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A song for Jarouma

Thu 19 Dec 2019, 00:22


I have a question for FL (or insiders); Are there any plans to make the bonus scenario (from "Emissary Lost", EL) "A song for Jarouma" available also in Swedish?

Perhaps via Fenix (Swedish RPG magazine), DrivethroughRPG, Publit, or the likes?

I think it's a very cool and informational side scenario for groups playing "Emissary Lost" giving lots of Coriolis feeling (and it explains a lot for the GM).

My current plan is to have my players play the scenario at some point in the EL campaign when the group gets hold of some secret/protected Consortium Colonial recordings from cameras etc on the Xene lab and shuttle. Instead of an information dump/reading they can play through what happened.


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