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Eye of the Beast

Tue 28 Sep 2021, 16:56

Hi fellow GMs,
So, I ran the Eye of the Beast from the Coriolis Scenario Compendium.
The ending requires a lot GM hand-holding so that the players can figure out the three proposed solutions. Well, I didn't hand hold them very well and I ended up with a strange solution and I'm sure on how to continue.
The party refused to reactivate Zadaar and took the environment friendly stance. They destroyed the Orbital Communicator because Urzid was too annoying. They freed the workers and told them to return to Haima and released all the levitanium from Zadaar's tanks. They failed their rolls to do that secretly and now Urzid knows they sabotaged it. The party is now too afraid to return to Haima, knowing that they will probably be arrested by the Colonial Agency.

They have 2 options, stay on Arzachel and hope to find some way off this moon.
Or sneak into Haima and try to steal a ship of out there.
Or simply be arrested and try to break out.
I'm kind of stuck. Please help :D
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Re: Eye of the Beast

Thu 07 Oct 2021, 15:07

It sounds like it's down to the players which way they want to go. You've outlined some pretty straight forward options and each is a bit different, so you may want to just ask them ahead of time so you can prep appropriately.

Maybe they can get a message out to their patron for assistance (if they didn't go against their patron with their actions here)? So as they're arrested and possibly being shipped off-world they'll be intercepted? Maybe at the portal station? It would be interesting perhaps to have the players arrested, placed in stasis and awoken to find themselves in a transport ship that was boarded but everyone seems to have been eliminated by creatures from the Dark as the ship is left floating (maybe with the intercepting ship still docked?)
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Re: Eye of the Beast

Tue 12 Oct 2021, 23:41

You could pressure them to act quickly to get off the planet to avoid nerve gas. If they don’t spill the beans the workers would then have to return after the gas evaporated. If they get off the planet they would have a vindictive foe. That’s nice.

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