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The Nadir's return

Sun 26 Feb 2017, 16:10

I can't be the only one whose waiting with anticipation for the Lost Ark ship Nadir to return, with very angry crew members on board
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Re: The Nadir's return

Sun 26 Feb 2017, 23:03

Angry? Maybe, but I fear also twisted beyond recognition by the Dark Between the Stars
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Re: The Nadir's return

Mon 17 Jul 2017, 19:29

Angry? Maybe, but I fear also twisted beyond recognition by the Dark Between the Stars
I've been toying with the idea that the Nadir was never intended to reach Aldebaran, and that it's crew had completely different instructions. 
Of course, I've also toyed with a mutiny and space pirates in a giant arkship, as well as the possibility that the Nadir is in the Fourth Horizon. 
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Re: The Nadir's return

Tue 18 Jul 2017, 05:38

I think im going with the Nadir being lost in the Darkness between the Stars then coming out to seek vengeance on those who left them.
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Re: The Nadir's return

Fri 26 Jun 2020, 17:53

I agree that teh Nadir was probably sent somewhere else, whether by prime directive or being lost. If it was headed to the Third Horizon, I dont think they would be angry. The would be hardened by their strange voyage and could be better for it, or be twisted and corrupt like the crew in Pandorum.

Although we would like to know what happened to it, its not the focus of the game. Coriolis focuses on Coriolis Station, the re-purposed Zenith, and its influence on the Third Horizon.

But looking at the definition of Nadir, we can speculate a lot

Noun: the lowest point in the fortunes of a person or organization.
"they had reached the nadir of their sufferings"

The Nadir is truly lost and we shall never see it. Its provided as a juxtaposition to the survival tenacity of the Zenith.

Similar: the lowest point, the all-time low, the lowest level, low-water mark, the bottom, as low as one can get, rock-bottom, the depths, zero, the pits

Fate of the Nadir is its travel through literal hell, akin to the Black Hole. Perhaps like I mentioned above they have changed so much they are the darkness between the stars, they are the shadow of everyone else who survived.

Astronomy: the point on the celestial sphere directly below an observer. [/i]

With Coriolis directly above Kua, perhaps the Nadir are the true first come?
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Re: The Nadir's return

Sun 28 Jun 2020, 19:17

I thought the Nadir DIDN'T travel through the dark between the stars, and therefore shouldn't be affected by it?
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Re: The Nadir's return

Mon 29 Jun 2020, 15:26

The Darkness between the stars is everywhere between the stars, literally. In the Darkness points system, up the further from a star you travel, the more DPs you generate per week or day of travel. It’s actually a mechanic in the game. The between Portal space or wormhole is a mystery, since people go through in stasis. But it is also very far from the light of stars, and probably really bad if you would be stranded there... but it’s not accompanied by any precise mechanic, it’s left to the GMs to decide...
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Re: The Nadir's return

Wed 01 Jul 2020, 15:23

I'm really counting on that the Nadir will return in one way or the other i Emissary Lost pt 2.

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