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Calculating Travel Times

Tue 04 May 2021, 01:18

In page 138 of the rulebook, it says:
Interplanetary distances are measured in Astronomical
Units (AU). The distance between two planets is calculated
like this:
◆◆ SHORTEST DISTANCE: The difference between the planets’
individual distances from the sun.
◆◆ FARTHEST DISTANCE: The sum of the planets’ individual
distances from the sun.
◆◆ Divide the distance in AU by the spaceship’s speed to get
the travel time (in number of days).
How do we tell the distance in AU between planets? It feels like this calculation is missing a step.
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Re: Calculating Travel Times

Mon 21 Jun 2021, 19:36

In the Atlas, the rules say only Kua has planet distances. All others, look it up in a star book. Not the answer I was looking for but it was the answer I found.

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