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Old Coriolis from Järnringen still available (as PDF)?

Sun 07 Feb 2021, 19:46

Just slowly I do find out more and more about Coriolis - for example the slight differences between the German and English translation and the Swedish original. Which is actually Coriolis 2.0, because the original Coriolis was made by Järnringen.

Which I'm curious about, no doubt. And as an avid collector and someone who likes to have access to all ressources, I was wondering, if the original releases (official and semi-/non-official) are still available?
Were those releases available as PDFs or just as hardcover copies?
I'd love to find out more about the original Coriolis, so any help with that would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Old Coriolis from Järnringen still available (as PDF)?

Wed 31 Mar 2021, 21:11

There were 3 books released for Coriolis from Järnringen. Don´t know if they were ever released in any other language then Swedish but it was the core rule book and "Ghazalis sista färd" and Mahanjis väktare" that got released. The last two was released as print on demand if memory served me right. I believe there also was an gamemaster screen released. I do not have them as pdf and do not believe they were available at the time but then again I have not searched for Järnringen´s Coriolis pdfs. Used ones show up sometimes on Swedish auction site I have them in my collection but have no plans to sell them.

Edit : Our best hope might be that they do something like they did when releasing Mutant Hindenburg where they did release the Mutant game that came before Mutant Year Zero from Järnringen as new print + pdf release. But since there are only 2 books beside the core books and one of them already got converted to Fria Ligan´s Coriolis I do believe that it would be PDF only and not anything physical.
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Re: Old Coriolis from Järnringen still available (as PDF)?

Tue 06 Apr 2021, 15:45

A couple of (softcover) modules were released by Fria Ligan to Coriolis 1 as well if memory serves me right: Iskallt Inferno for instance?

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