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XP: Did you act in accordance with your Icon?

Sun 23 Aug 2020, 10:48

One of the criteria for gaining XP is acting in accordance with one's icon. But...there aren't any guidelines for what exactly this means.

I tried to come up with something based on the icon descriptions, then we got to my player who has the Faceless One, and it seems completely nebulous. There was no way to say whether he did or did not act in accordance with that description.

Are any of you using that element of the XP framework, and if so, how?


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Re: XP: Did you act in accordance with your Icon?

Sun 23 Aug 2020, 18:09

This is the worst question from the list, as it is so wide to interpretations and every other session causes heated discussion. I am not sure from where I found the list below, but provides key highlights.
  • The Messenger: Learn a secret / spread, convey, safeguard or access important information / destroy knowledge
  • The Dancer: Seduce or entertain someone / perform a feat of physical grace / persevere under bad circumstances
  • The Gambler: Expose truth / take a major risk / fool someone / move someone to risky action
  • The Deckhand: Protect the weak or vulnerable / Do due diligence or perform necessary mundane labor / perform an act of sabotage or destructive mischief
  • The Merchant: Buy, sell or barter something vital, use commerce for good, convince someone, bamboozle someone, put money above morals, endanger yourself or others for profit.
  • The Judge: Bring evildoers to justice, put yourself at risk in the name of good, enforce the letter of the law even when it is cruel.
  • The Traveler: Discover something new and interesting about the universe, spread knowledge, clear or guide the way, create or fix something useful, spring a trap or ambush, control or limit someone’s movement.
  • The Lady of Tears: Console the grieved, ease someone’s suffering, guide the way, act with cruelty, burn something.
  • The Faceless One: move in darkness or secrecy, face The Dark Between the Stars without fear, keep a secret when it matters, exploit a coincidence, spill blood needlessly
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Re: XP: Did you act in accordance with your Icon?

Sat 29 Aug 2020, 13:58

I always thought that it would be more mechanically correct to instead ask " Did you pray to the Icons during the session?"

Since it generates DP, it would increase the amount of trouble that the group has to face. It also creates incitament for players to play up the part of the faith without having to resort to heated discussions.

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