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Travelling in the Dark - A Coriolis Adventure

Thu 16 Jul 2020, 08:54

Hello everyone!

Finally, after a long and dark lockdown, I was able to bring my group together and continue our adventure!

Few things changed during these months: we lost a player but two joined the fray, and they will be integrated in the group as the story progress.

As for World Anvil, I decided to change few things in order to improve the readability:

First of all, the sessions are now grouped into chapters, focusing on the major storylines or events the group will follow

As the session logs could be a bit boring (and my english writing is far-less-than-average, so they're not very enjoyable) I decided to create a new category in which I will write the adventures from a storyline perspective. Each story will have a separate page, reporting the progresses in a clear and concise way, in order to improve the undestranding of what's going on.

You can follow the progress here: ... ure-lareon

As always comments and criticism are welcome :D

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