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So... What the devil is going on with Accelerator weapons?

Posted: Tue 23 Jun 2020, 18:28
by TheLastShogun
Let's just recap the rules for a bit, for a price increase between 0, and 33%, in comparison to Vulcans, Accelerators get the same damage, an 80 meters range advantage(so between 3 and 4 turns to close the gap, depending on whether or not you use cover), and, most importantly, a crit rating of 1, all for losing out between 1 and 2 extra initiative.

I'm having a really hard time wrapping my head around why you would even bother with Vulcans beyond the cost, and even then, the Acc pistol is the same price as a Cricket, so early on there barely is a difference. Doesn't help that with how crit-reliant combat is in Coriolis, having a Crit Rating of 1 *actually makes them a viable choice over Advanced tech Thermal weapons*, and all that at the same Ordinary category as Vulcans. I understand that Coriolis is not a crunchy system by any means, but even that seems excessive, so I'd like to possibly learn the reasoning behind this disparity.