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Using of Coriolis material in tools like World Anvil

Mon 09 Mar 2020, 21:41


can anyone tell me if coriolis material, i.e. content of the rulebooks etc. may be used in online tools such as World Anvil (for non-commercial use, meaning for me and my friends)? If yes, under which conditions?
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Re: Using of Coriolis material in tools like World Anvil

Thu 12 Mar 2020, 17:11

From World Anvil’s terms
Content provided to you by others, or made available through websites, magazines, books and other sources, are protected by copyright and should not be uploaded, downloaded, or otherwise copied, distributed or displayed without the consent of the copyright owner or as otherwise permitted by law. Please refer to World Anvil's [color=var(--primary)]Copyright Policy[/color] for further details.
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