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Convention Scenarios for Coriolis?

Wed 15 Jan 2020, 21:08

Hullo, folks,

I'm planning to run a game or two of the Coriolis RPG at CanGames, the local gaming convention in Ottawa in May. 

Other than the "Dark Flowers" QuickStart adventure, "The Statuette of Zhar Bagras," and perhaps "The Dying Ship" scenarios for the game, what other scenarios would be suitable for running at a convention?

Failing that, anyone have a scenario for conventions that they'd be willing to share with me? :)

Thanks, in advance. :)
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Re: Convention Scenarios for Coriolis?

Mon 27 Jan 2020, 07:01

The Tailor from Mira in the Scenario compendium 1 could be good. Maybe cut out a few elements or at least make the investigation slightly easier to make it fit in 4 hours, but it’s a pretty nice and different plot.
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Re: Convention Scenarios for Coriolis?

Mon 27 Jan 2020, 08:55

The older adventure Iskallt Inferno? Don’t know if it was translated.
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Re: Convention Scenarios for Coriolis?

Mon 27 Jan 2020, 15:13

All scenarios in the Compendium I, Dark Flowers (Quick Start), Dying Ship and the adventure locations from the core book and the supplements are suitable for convention games. I had success running Dark flowers so far, the rest are for the next year. :)

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