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My House Rule for intra-system space travel

Thu 26 Sep 2019, 00:24

(1) When travelling between two objects within a star system use the FARTHEST DISTANCE. 
(2) Make a PILOT check
(3) each success gives +1 SPEED for that journey. 

Assume the planet Dabaran is 8 AU from the red giant and Salmanca the gas giant is 23 AU away from the star.
You are travelling in a SPEED 3 ship.
Travelling from Dabaran to Salmanca would normally be a 15 AU trip taking 5 days.
Using these house rules roll PILOT:
0 successes: the trip takes a little over 10 days.
1 success: the trip takes a little under 8 days.
2 successes: the trip takes a little over 6 days.
3 successes: the trip takes just over 5 days. 
6 successes: the trip would take 3 1/2 days.

Optionally you could cap PILOTING successes so that travel time cannot make the trip shorter than using the SHORTEST DISTANCE under the normal rules.  In the above example this would cap at 3 successes. 

Thoughts welcome.

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